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TY Virtual Assistant

Virtually TYing all YOUR Business Solutions Together!

Virtually Working Around the World!


What we wonít do:  be your employee, work out of your facility, be paid benefits by you, and work full time.


Do you need a technical assistant, donít want a full time employee and donít have space to put them?  Give me 15 minutes of your time and I will give you the tools to be more Creative and Effective at Building Your Business with Less Stress. By providing services virtually, TY Virtual Assistant allows you to use your skills more productively, efficiently and consistently on revenue generating activities.  Hello, my name is Tracey Wellon. 

Virtually TYing all YOUR Business Solutions Together!

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Phone: 416-895-9949


E-mail: info@tyvirtualassistant.com

Mission Statement

Create an ethical, productive and cohesive relationship with clients by providing services virtually, so that they can use their skills more productively, effectively and consistently on profit generating activities.